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Bank Notes Fake Money Printed Prop Money

Bank Notes Fake Money Printed Prop Money

About this item

  • Play Fake Money Printed 2 Sides, Prop Money 200 pcs for Video, Ancestor Money for Tomb-Sweeping Day, Heaven Bank Notes,Ghost Money, Bring Good Luck, Wealth and Health, Casino Games Money (200)
  • Usage: Printed to resemble the U.S. Dollar, each sheet is decorated with an image of the George Washington. The Joss paper can be burned for affording money to your deceased relatives and friends. It’s a ritual to commemorate people who passed away. Hell bank notes use to strengthen Connection with your ancestor/friends for bring good fortune. Burning ancestor money is also a good way to express your good wishes to the them in heaven. Good quality and very easy to be burnt completely.

Buy Counterfeit Money Printed Prop Money

  • Use occasions: Take videos, movies, social media, parties. Funerals, Tomb-sweeping day, Ancestor Birthday, Hungry Ghost Festival(July 15)All Souls Day, Qingming Festival(April 5th). The day you dream of them. The day you miss them. Anytime you want to pray for good luck and health for anyone. Also it can be used when you play games, party, casino games, etc.
  • Ritual significance: The joss paper is believed to be a tool to convey your missing and blessings to your departed family members or friends, especially in East Asia, like China. Many Asians believe that people also need money and necessaries in their afterlife. Good to burn joss paper to make your love ones better after life.
  • Size & Packing : Each sheet size is 15*7.5 cm. 2 bundles and 100 sheets each bundle. $100 USD denomination.
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